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   Your Cleaning Solution! We know a clean house is important to you. It's important to us, too. That's why we offer a variety of house cleaning tasks along with a flexible cleaning scheduling.
For over 15 years, we have made it our priority to help homeowners everywhere manage their housework and balance their lives. Our staff is trained, professional and dedicated to their work. Let us take care of all the dust and dirt for you. You're busy enough already!

We provide our own hepa filtered vacuum cleaner
and house cleaning supplies such as:
        house cleaning supplies  Lysol All Purpose Cleaner
house cleaning vacuum          Windex Glass and Mirror Cleaner
          Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner
          Pledge Furniture Polish
          Joy Dish Soap Cleaner
          Comet "Low Abrasive" Cleaner

We perform a wide range of cleaning tasks
to make your home sparkle.


house cleaning kitchen
* Dust Sills and Ledges
* Dust Blinds
* Dust Ceiling Fans
* Dust Baseboards
* Dust/Wipe Down Chairs/Tables
* Dust Wall Hangings
* Remove Cobwebs
* Wash Kitchen Counters
* Wash Kitchen Sinks
* Wipe Exterior Refrigerator
* Wipe Clean Microwaves
* Wipe Stove Tops Clean
* Wipe Down Back Splash
* Damp Wipe Cabinet Doors
* Clean Exterior of Appliances
* Windex Sliding Glass Door
* Windex Kitchen Mirrors
* Mop Floor
* Remove Trash


house cleaning bathroom

* Dust Sills and Ledges
* Dust Blinds
* Dust Baseboards
* Dust Wall Hangings
* Remove Cobwebs
* Clean and Disinfect Toilets
* Clean Tubs and Showers
* Clean Bathroom Sinks
* Clean Bathroom Counters
* Windex Bathroom Mirrors
* Disinfect Bathroom Floors
* Wipe Down Wall Tile
* Remove Trash

Bedrooms and Other Rooms

house cleaning bedroom
* Dust Sills and Ledges
* Dust Blinds
* Dust Ceiling Fans
* Dust Baseboards
* Dust Wall Hangings
* Remove Cobwebs
house cleaning family room
* Edge/Vacuum Carpeting
* Vacuum Upholstery
* Dust Furniture
* Dust Television Set
* Windex Mirrors
* Mop Hard Surface Floors
* Remove Trash

Additional Services for An Additional Fee

House cleaning make beds* Make Beds/Change Sheets
* Refrigerator/Freezer Cleaning
* Oven Cleaning
* Inside Window Cleaning
* Vacuum Fireplace
* Clean Inside Cabinets
* Clean Basements