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How To Start a Cleaning Business

Are you thinking about starting an office cleaning business? 

I've been running a success house and office cleaning business for over 17
years and this book has helped me to tweak some of the areas that I was
struggling with. I wish I had discovered it years ago. 

I highly recommend it before you start.  It gives you everything you need and
tells you what to expect in order to run a successful office cleaning business.

Some of the points this book covers are:

  • How to Start An Office Cleaning Business

Hiring a House Cleaning Company

     Years ago house cleaning was considered a luxury but today as more and more moms are returning to the workplace, house cleaning is becoming more a necessity.  As a result, families are resorting to hiring a house cleaning company to
keep up with the house cleaning duties.

When hiring a house cleaning company, you'll want to consider a few important things.

1)  Make sure the the company has insurance. You don't want to have a liability problem on your hands from an accident taking place in your house.
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How To Start a Cleaning Business
Hiring a House Cleaning Company


How to Start a Cleaning Business
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